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Sopra le nuvole

Designing a product,
design a relationship

Who is Emanuele Carlo
Cesare Zamponi?

Born in Como and living in Milan, he graduated with honors from NABA in the Fashion Designer department in 1994, immediately entering the world of Milanese fashion as a small leather clothing manufacturer and consultant in the world of textiles and leather finishing.

In the first years of activity the work is triangulated between his own laboratory, the show-rooms and the customer visit, the experience matures thanks to the constant work   leading him to collaborate as a producer and consultant to the interior of prestigious studios in the world and of the most popular stylists in the period of the Milanese Fashion-System, including   a three-year teaching period at the Academy of origin.

The musical studies of the violin together with the academic imprinting and the international experiences, manifest a critical sense towards the color and the materials from which two realities are born:  

  • Evalecon srl manufacturing company in the tanning and wood sector divided into two production sites such as: Peveranza di Cairate and Fagnano Olona.

  • Application Material Design Studio, forerunner of a profession that developed extensively later, in which   Italian taste and technical application know-how coexist.


The decades-long operational presence develops
in 15 countries around the world, in the sectors:






Automotive & Home Interior


Tape & Transfer film


Via Piro, 2, 21050 Bolladello-Peveranza VA, Italy

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